Digital Project Life | Week Four + A Freebie

Yeah! Literally jumping up and down as I type! *clapping hands- hmmmm.  AND moving on....
Week four finished.  I even managed to make a giveaway.   It's been a crazy week, I have had PS open on my laptop everyday working on this spread. 
I must say every week I love this project more and more. 
Not only do I love it more....I appreciate life's moments more.
Memories that count no matter how large or small they may seem.
Jeff thinks my 'click-click' moments are {overkill}.  But always appreciates the results.
Remember the little things, cause one day they may become big things.
Isn't this true for even the best of us memory keepers?

I almost didn't include the scrabble board snapshot.  I was gonna put it in our homeschool adventures only.  I had a cool idea (well I think it's a cool idea)  to make a scrabble board journal card.  Not the board alone...O No! It must be complete with the scrabble tiles and all.


Believe me it wasn't as easy as the idea in my head.  After starting it ...
I was determined to finish it.  A few tries,  I had a board.  I had a journal card and some letter tiles.
Scrabble style journaling reads.. we dig super scrabble and reading.

All smiles.
you make me smile.
love. love that saying.
so true.

This week I had two inserts.. one 4 x12 and the second 6 x 12. I felt both stories needed a separate space.  The boys take guitar lessons on Wednesday nights. Jeff included. The other insert for this week was snapshots of the boys helping me shop at the market. We had dropped sissy off for dance class and only had an hour to get what we had to get. So each boy split my list and grabbed a hand basket and off they went.

I'm giving away my scrabble journal card and letter tiles.......they aren't set in place like shown in the preview.... all 26 tiles are seperate .png letters for you to create your very own scrabble 'word' board.

I would love to see what you do with it. 


  1. oh my goodness I love scrabble! your pages are is fun to see others have fun with PL