Digital Project Life | Week Three

Oh my goodness!  Where do I start?  Well first this week was full of complete randomness. Not a heavy schedule. Really. Yes.  Really. Honestly I didn't even realize my 'laziness' when it came to snapshots.  Even though my photos were few and errands and field trips were zero.  We managed to survive.  Somehow.  Here we go.  Week. Three......

I used the saying in the top Project Life Journaling card that says.. Gotta Love The Everyday Moments That Make Life Grand! So there you have it... my inspiration behind my little black highlighted boxes. *wink.  A couple of sayings from pinterest.

Yep, this week was complete random!  Complete full of fun-ness! Love the simplicity!
Happy... You guessed it.... in case you were already on to me. *wink
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