Digital December Daily | December 23

Shopping trip... one final checklist... When I mentioned one more shopping trip,
your nose squished up in...disbelief.
"Mom", "Why can't we be done already?"
As a Mom, one would think that a nine year old princess like Raeleen would be thrilled to go on yet
one more shopping trip. I must admit shopping on the 23rd of December was a bit much after such a crazy busy month already. Regardless that we left early, the roads were bumper to bumper.  The stores, Oh, the madness in the stores. What seemed like hours standing in line, and what seemed to be only the stores we were shopping at. Needless to say we did have a great time,  I got my Starbucks.. a couple in fact.. Raeleen got her hot cocoa.. a couple in fact. At the end of the day, our checklist was

Happy December 23rd!