Digital December Daily | December 15

Life Moments.. Snapshot of the day meant so much..
I couldn't resist this moment.. Raeleen stared out the window..silently wishing the raindrops sliding down the window pane were snowflakes of December. She had no idea I snapped this shot with my phone, but when I was done she and I had a talk about waiting out the rain and soon the rain would turn to snow if we stay patient. As we chatted about this and that I grabbed my journal and asked her to tell me about moments that mean so much to her.  This is what I compiled together, a collection of thoughts straight from my journal...

are like RAINDROPS on a window..
with the SUN..
when the day is DONE..
true happiness is REVEALED..
only if there is LIGHT.. from WITHIN..
If we can IMAGINE.. RAINBOWS.. as
we set out the RAIN.. we can know HOPE..
This MAGIC..  of LIFE.. is as WIDE..
as a SMILE .. as NARROW.. as a WINK..
as LOUD.. as LAUGHTER ..
as QUIET.. as a TEAR..
 as TALL.. as DEEP.. as EMOTIONS..
so STRONG.. it can lift the SOUL..
so GENTLE.. it can TOUCH..  the HEART..
It is the MAGIC.. that BEGINS..


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  1. Wow. That is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!