Digital December Daily | December 1

Here we go.. December 1st.. Oh! Confession: I have.. NOT bought a single present!
If you choose to have mercy on me then you could count the Advent goodie bags I made.
Simple. Easy. Quick.  That was my Advent motto this year.  I took dollar store goodie bags.. 4 packs of 6. Filled with enough treats for each child.  Printed my December Daily labels.  Attached them as the closures.  Printed my 25 scripts of Advent. Attached them to the back. Advent for us has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember.  I have changed things every year.  This year I wanted to be simple as simple as possible.  I wanted my children to remember the story of Christmas in a way that would surely speak to their hearts.  Having said all that, I compiled 25 scripts that best tell the story leading up to Christmas day.

Here are my December 1st Pages.  Click on the image to view larger. 
One more confession: "It was December 2nd and I finished my December Daily pages for December 2nd... So SIMPLE - NEAT - EASY...I did a double take as I saved them to my December Daily Pages file...At that moment I GOT IT...So SIMPLE - NEAT - EASY...I'm in to KEEPING IT SIMPLE!"


    sweet pages what size are they???