December Daily | Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!  I can hardly stand it as I type I'm so excited to finally wrap up ....December Daily 2011!  I had many snapshots to choose from, my favorites were all the blurry...."be still, don't jump up and down ones"  ha!  Above all my favorite of all my favorites... {the words}....
the words I chose to use as the titles for my pages.  I added a third page to Christmas day in order to display them all clearly.  As a gentle reminder the love that surrounds each one of us if we stop and be still.  Here they are one more time...
imagine, sparkle,remember, hope, joy, magic,enjoy, moments, goodness,  treasures, memories, laughter, happiness,  embrace, love,  faith,  giving,  blessings.
Thank you,   for looking, sharing and caring.

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