A Season to be Thankful | November 17

 November 6th .. I wrote about being thankful for pets, the dog Princess Goldie and my cat Moon.
Hey, I have a special cat .. Lexus!
Lexus has been around ever since I have really lived on my own... he was my buddy.  16 years with Lexus, he has ... been an indoor cat. been an outdoor cat, after our first baby. really soon after we had our first baby along came baby number two. stayed an outdoor cat until after our third baby. returned back to being an indoor cat and my buddy once again. returned back to being an outdoor cat for our fourth baby. About two years ago Lexus returned back indoors. Last year he made the big move from WA to OK with us. He has discovered grasshoppers and flying bugs. He has spent all summer enjoying the summer heat. Well, maybe not enjoying. Tonight I write with a heavy heart,  the last couple of weeks we have been watching him as if he has been losing his eyesight.  Last night he scared me so bad,  our other cat Moon was scratching on the back door, when I opened it I seen Lexus looking as if he couldn't move.  I got Jeff, he scooped him up and brought him inside, after warming him up he is moving around fine, eating and sleeping. We think his arthritis was acting up since the weather has turned cold. Also, he is partially blind and can't see really any at night,  so he gets lost if he gets off the deck at night.  Today, after some consistent coaxing, he has found a pathway to his food, his bed, the door and a little spot in the yard. I took these photos of him today, doesn't he still look purrfect?
Last night I was up most of the night staring at him like I did when my first baby was laying next to me in his cradle.  I am so happy to say, Lexus is still with us and tonight..and prayerfully he'll hang in there a few more years.  This cat has been loved and has lived a full life.  He has been my steady rock for many years. So here's to Lexus.  Tonight...We don't know how many purrs he has left but RIGHT NOW..... I am thankful to hear him p-u-r-r loudly!

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