A Season to be Thankful | November 15

Stamps...today I'm thankful for stamps!  I have gone 100% digital and love the change from dirty, messy, clutter, and chaos to clean neat organized chaos computer files! *wink*  However, regardless of the fact that I gave all of my supplies,  including all my stamps and mounds of paper to a dear, sweet friend, I managed.... to save a box of stamps and ink pads.  Raeleen and I still get our 'stamp' on!  This year we have been maintaining an art journal.  I gave you all a tease in an earlier post, so you can just let this be your second tease for what we are putting together for 2012.

Yes, I gave up the dirty, messy, clutter and chaos but don't mind it a bit if my sweet Raeleen is having a blast getting her 'stamp' on.  Nothing wrong with a little creativity chaos!