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At our local library, all four noses in their study books along with yours truly. I usually set in the middle of the two littlest ones...notice the empty chair at the table. While I (yes me) am in deep explaining mode at the table, one of the older ones decided it would be wise to throw a pencil.  no mention of names here. The pencil landed on my teacher's manual straight up like it was about to scribble me a note all by its self.  I let out a laugh that the building next door heard I'm sure.  Then of course all the kids followed my lead and ....  let out contagious giggles, ringing through the library.  I stopped, choked up and with a stern face, Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! 

The other older one no mention of names here either  wailed out loud,  "Did you just Shhhh-ooosh me?"
Remember the line from "Madagascar" ... By this time we were all letting out uncontrollable giggles yet again.  Lucky for us,  our local librarian knows who we are and the truth of the matter is we love our library!!   I choose to believe they love us back.  NO, we have never let our outbursting get to serious again.  Well, as long as we were far from ear shot of the librarian of course. 
[[[Books were meant to be enjoyed, laugh out loud at, taken seriously, researched,  studied and
even emotional at times.]]]

What if we were to read to live better lives...empowering our kids with Book Fun and Smarts!
Have a blast at your local library!!
P.S. the older one no mention of names here did receive a chat on why we are not to throw pencils! the end.

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