For the {love} of Dance

Raeleen clears her throat and with a firm yet soft voice .... says...What a nice break from the b-o-y routine ....  "Finally, I get to start dance" ... "a sophisticated and satisfying sport." 
That's my girl.  And what a joy she is!

[Action] Snapshots

Evening Backyard Practices with Dad!  Team field practices are always good.  Nothing compares to.. evenings at home kicking the ball around the back yard. No greater fun! No greater joy! Of course while Raeleen and I watched the boys, and when we wasn't involved in the fun, we took some action snapshots.

Fall Soccer... Here we go!

And we are officially ..on week two.  Games begin this weekend. Let the Soccer fun begin!  Mud and Mess all the Best.

Soccer Glory: by Carol Saller Highlights for Kids

Duty or Delight? Week 3

Knowing God has Promised Us!
Six promises to recieve and stand on this week.
1. God is our faithfulness. How certain is God's promised of the new covenant?  As certain as He holds the world together. God knows we're a mess, this is exactly why He steps forward and says: I know you can't; that's why I will.
2. God is our transformation.
God Himself said, I will step forward and rescue my people. Our desire to love God will never compare with His desire to love us. This is my favoritest verse ever.... and speaks volumes into my life.
3. God is our protection, Always.
What I love about the Lord is that He never uncovers an area without having a gracious plan to do something about it.
4. God is our Rock.
In Psalm 86:11 the psalmist makes to specific requests:
for the Lord to teach him His ways and to recieve an undivided heart.
We must come out of hiding so we may be caught in His magnificent, heart-arresting and transforming love.
5. God is our Counselor
God never asks us to do something that isn't for our own good.
6. God is Our Inheritance and We are His.
He has promised to inspire us toward following Him, but we must mix His inspiration with active faith.  We can always know where we stand with God. We know He bids us come and seize Him.  He is our Inheritance!
Here is the link to Session Three from Lifeway. Enjoy! ~Melanie

Duty or Delight - by Tammie Head - Lifeway Christian Resources

Reflections: 2011/2012

2 weeks - 10 days - 1st test Amazing how time runs past us unexpectedly.  One more year has begun, the early mornings sitting on the deck listening to each child read.  The new book smell.  Excitement lingering in the air as we open fresh curriculum and plan sites to see.  The most important above all: Confidence Booster Test!
Test 1 after the first 10 lessons. I save all of these in their record file: then at the end of the year I purge to their permanent record file.


Job well done!
Priceless smile! Love it!

Duty or Delight? Week 2

Welcome to week two girls! Knowing God has Redeemed Us!
Leaping from duty to delight requires understanding; not only has God chosen us, but He has redeemed us. Building scripture for this week: I am Redeemed. "We have redemption in Him through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace that He lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding." Ephesians 1:7-8
In John 6 we read that Jesus called Himself the 'Bread of Life'.
Meeting Spiritual needs as well as Physical.

Quotes: Think- it's time
it's time to allow Jesus to enter your life:
it's time we quit trying so hard.
it's time we relent of questioning God's motives.
it's time we identify with Jesus' sacrifices for us.
it's time we fully believe in Jesus' forgiveness.
it's time we renounce trying to surrender and just do it.
it's time we put an end to resisting God an begin resting in Him.
it's time we dump what we're not and reach for who God is.
it's time we plant our feet firmly on God's promises.
it's time you and I delight in God.
Maybe it's time we type this out and tape it to our mirrors to remind us:
it's time!

God has chosen us.
God has covered us with His blood and body.
God has lavished us with His acceptance.
God uses these three facts to break us free from cycles of guilt-driven performances.
He is not looking for perfection....Jesus has already been perfect for us.
Because of Jesus, we are covered in the grace of God forevermore. We can relax in His presence, enjoying acceptance, satisfaction, and ultimately delight. I pray this study is stepping you up further and to final delight with God.
Here is the link to Session Two from Lifeway. Enjoy! ~M

Duty or Delight - by Tammie Head - Lifeway Christian Resources