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Science Kit ... I Dig Dinosaur!
I have purchased a few more of these since they were such a big hit!  I have provided a link to many different dinosaur dig kit for you to decide which one fits your 'liking' .... I'm almost positive your gonna be 'liking' them all.  A little messy, Ok, Quite messy! But so worth it.
I let the younger ones watch, the bones are fragile so better not let them touch. I'd be sure to set aside a couple of hours for this. It would be difficult to try and stow it away due to the fragile parts and crumbling sand block. 

Awesome experiment. Enjoy! ~M
{orginal post 2009}

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  1. Mrs. M said...
    My husband actually had the patience to help out 3 year old do one of these. Ok, he did most but she liked to "help" him and she loved it when the bones came out and would wash them off so they weren't to dirty. Shes a total dinosaur nut (shes started to correct me when I get the names wrong) just like her Daddy so it was a great thing for the two of them to do together. In a few years I plan on having her do one by herself if shes still so interested in dinosaurs.