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Isn't it fitting that this blog post has been created to inspire all homeschool mamas only at the perfect time of Spring! A time to celebrate 'fresh air' and participating in 'outings'.   My absolute favorite outing is simply... grabbing our 'school on the go' bags and searching for the quietest picnic table available. Scheduling around the weather of course, I save a date at least once a week to do 'school on the go'.. the kids get so excited as the date arrives.  We have backpacks full of their favorite 'school on the go' items, only to be used for 'school on the go'!  If your interested in creating your own 'school on the go' backpack, here's a list of items to get you started.
The beginning of each year while school supply shopping. Each child picks out a new backpack to fill with all the fun supplies they can find.  These items become designated 'school on the go', not to be used otherwise.
Have fun with School on the Go! See even homeschoolers need backpacks. *wink
Leave a comment and share your favorite outings and how you do 'school on the go'.
Thanks for stopping by, ~Melanie
{original post: May 26, 2009}

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