Happy Valentines Day 2011

We are having a Valentine's party all day.....featuring U-build games!!!   Lego Robo Champ, U-
build Monopoly, Battleship and Connect Four~  These games are so perfect as learning games.....love, love, love them.  It is right now almost 11am and we are in full swing motion playing games with eye buggin candy buzzes!! Here are some highlights from this morning.....Gotta love Target. The cereal is strawberry shredded wheat.  I put mentos, dark choc hershey kisses, mechanical pencil, big eraser, sours, gummies... Goodie Bonus....some....cinnamon hearts and valentine corn. Hybrid Treat Bag Toppers.....available at Owl Tree Studio.  I placed a game, crayons or colored pencils, coloring book and favorite pop in each chair.
And there you have it, another Valentines day complete.
Thanks for stopping by, ~Melanie

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