One Little Word 2011 | Restoration

Ladies, my dear sweet ladies.... online and on-site!
I am so thankful for each of you...
know that not a moment goes by I don't think of you!

The days have been long, busy, full of hope and busy.  Oh, I mentioned that.
Ok, well, I do realize there is no excuse for my slacking on the posts here.

My life has been a whirlwind of adventure since our move outta state.
We love our new life here in Oklahoma.  Adjusting to change is never easy.
We have been praying, focusing, soul renewing and searching.  To the point our soul restoration is should I say complete, no never complete,  fullfilling and satisfying. YES.
I had a couple of sweet ladies leave a note on facebook asking about The Inheritance study.
Another regarding my New Year Resolutions 2010, if I was writing one for 2011.
The answer is YES...I have wrestled with the idea of Resolutions and therefore, I haven't complied an entire study worthy of posting.  My thoughts wander away from Resolutions...Resolutions was my first written study of 2010....which was TRULY the year that changed my entire families LIFE!  That study is so tender to my heart.  {Always will be!} At that moment -January 1, 2010-I had no idea what was taken place or what was gonna take place.  I just knew I was being prepped for something GREAT!  and....I was just runnin with it.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  The morning I lit
erally set my feet on the floor running.  My mind racing, my heart pounding, my hands shaking with anticipation.

As my opening Session 1 will prove....
I was to take on something to great for me to do without a higher power.

I will never forget my husbands response when he listened to me babble on about what my exhaustive concordance had to say about hebrew and greek words. 
After I had run by him the topic and what I felt led to write about.
He said "Go for it!"  "You won't catch something by watching it pass by!"
This is exactly why I love my man so much, he adds the supportive factor into my life. :)
Let me just say,  by the time I finished the entire 7 session New Year Resolutions 2010.
He now understands a few hebrew and greek words and has pushed a vines dictionary, side by side study, study resources, topical guides, commentarie{s} *emphasis added*, notepads, laptop, uncountable post-its, pencils, highlighers......
ok, so you must get the idea
He has pushed these above items onto my side of the bed and slowly crawled in without me even knowing. :)

I'm up to something AGAIN! 
This time I am in the current season of restoration rather than resolution.
Please watch for the key word..
So bookmark this blogs new url..

It is currently my digital scrapbook blog,
The Word Anew will be joining forces as one blog.
Bare with me as I tackle this move and hope noone gets lost in the shuffle!


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