Digital Scrapbook Page | You bring JOY

During my life, honestly I must admit I haven't had many 'joyous' memories.  
Oh, wait a minute, being back 'home' has triggered a few up from the grave of this glorious Oklahoma land.  
My children are my present is my continuous prayer for their futures and above all that they would love the Lord with all their heart, mind and soul.  Instilling love inside is one of the Lord's many promises and the ultimate outcome is unspeakable JOY. 
John 16:22 says : "No one can take away your JOY!"  

Also:  Zechariah 10:7 says... Their children will see and be joyful; their hearts will rejoice in the LORD.  Grab hold of JOY it's yours to take!  ~Blessings Melanie

Joyous Kit by Wild Blueberry Ink for Owl Tree Studio
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Digital Scrapbook Page | Warm Memories

Happy December!
This year is quite a change for us as we settle in Oklahoma. 
Such bittersweet memories I have remembered from my past. 
Its been 20 years since I spent Christmas with my Dad or any of my Dad's family. 
My husband and children have been adjusting to so much change. 
Number one the lack of rain!  
Love that we can get all decked out in hats and scarves and actually be warm. :) 
All good.  
Living here with my Dad has been a nice blessing.  
Yes we are under tight living arrangements, but honestly I believe we have all grown closer. 
I have re-discovered the true meaning of what a family bond should be!  
I blog today with a warm heart, full of compassion this Christmas season. 
You are dearly loved...... ~Melanie

Life is made of memories -
some are good and some are bad.
It's never too late to add some good -
some day they'll make us glad.
Bad memories need a firm hand -
throw them out and lose the key;
Good memories put a song in our hearts
for both you and me.
We take comfort in those special times
we build with one another;
They keep us warm and hold us tight
like a baby held by a mother.
A good memory is to cherish
and recall how it came about.
It will stay with us forever -
of that I have no doubt.
Doing a good deed will make us feel good;
it's something we will remember.
Attend a play, write your thoughts,
make a snowman in December.
This is how we build memories;
it's easier than you think.
We'll benefit with happiness,
and feel we're in the pink.
Things we remember through the years
are memories we've made;
They make life happy for others, too,
and for us they never fade.
-Joan Adams Burchell

I designed this scrapbook page with one of Owl Tree Studios December line: Winter Love Kit
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