Blessed | Amazing Sunset

Driving home the other day. 
We seen the most wonderful sunset!
It was mouth dropping awesome. 
Thank you Lord for all you have made.
Blessed be your glorious name, 
exalted above all blessing and praise!
You're the one, 
God, you alone;
You made the heavens, 
the heavens of heavens,
and all angels;
The earth and everything on it,
the seas and everything in them;
You keep them all alive; 
heaven's angels worship you!
Nehemiah 9:5-6 MSG

Digital Scrapbook Page | Fun with Frogs

This kit comes from the talented designer JD titled Field Trip...
I'll see you there.

Stepping Up | Beth Moore

Fall bible study kick off September 28!
To my local girls, send me a facebook note if you have any questions.
I pray you will join me on this journey through
The Psalms of Ascent

The where's and what's about this study. 
Where:  Ladies Bible Study Tuesday Nights at 7pm.  If you live locally I would
love to see you there. Miracles of Love Community Church Claremore OK 74017.  I will post an update for blog readers and regular attenders that simply want to keep motivated throughout the week during homework.

What: I have been involved with ladies group
study for over ten years. Love the word of God and pray my enthusiasm for the
scriptures will splash into the lives of others. This blog started in 2009 as an attempt to communicate with my 'small group table' throughout the week and has became so much more. So throughout the week I will post at least once about the homework. You are welcome to leave a comment anytime and link up, share thoughts or ask questions.. I'll do my best to answer. Main thing girls is to have a blast in the Word! Let it speak directly to your heart, as it speaks differently to all of us due to our own personal journey.

Digital Scrapbook Page | Baseball Team

Remembering baseball as the football season begins.

Enjoying this school kit.
I'll see you at the shop.

Digital Scrapbook Page | Happy Braids

I love to create,  being creative is just relaxing!
  Finally, I was able to get some down time to breathe and unleash my creative brain.... 
all you creative types out there know exactly what I'm talking about! :).  
Just me and the puter for a good hour! 
I created this layout using our September School Kit.
Hope your having a creative - down time- day!
I'll see you at the shop.