Goodbye AZ, Hello OK!

The Lord is good.  
He is our protector during this time.
August has been a busy month.  
Pressures of moving, getting settled, loading and unloading....

I just want to say thanks to all who have kept us in their prayers while we are on our trip.
Our move was successful and today we take off on our final journey from AZ back to our new home in Oklahoma.

The Crnich Family

Summer in HOT AZ!

August has been a month FULL of travel and moving!
We have been blessed with an amazing family who has guided us along the way!
Thank you so much...{you know who you are!}
Bittersweet moments have surrounded us,  moving on is hard, yet so rewarding.
Many more photos to share.  
Leaving AZ this morning.
Will be home in Oklahoma soon.
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.
Love,  The Crnich Famiy

My new Digital Scrapbook Home | Creative Team

In case you haven't heard (maybe because you've been on an exotic vacation without internet or maybe you've been away from digi-land), Owl Tree Studio is officially open. In case you haven't heard enough from me about how much I am loving their products, here’s an official summary of what you’re guaranteed to get each month as an inside member:
1 Mega Collaboration Kit

3 Individually Created Designer Kits

3 Designer Bonus Items (examples include frame packs, brush sets, Alpha packs, etc)

16+ quick pages created by our creative team

2 project tutorials that walk you through the process of using our digital goodies for tangible crafts

Unannounced goodies throughout the month, including page templates!

Starting in September, Owl Tree Studio be featuring a new guest designer every month and you’ll receive an extra individual kit AND an extra designer bonus each month. Exciting!
It may sound a little sensationalist, but for the money, there is no better value on digital design available online. Not only are the Owl Tree Studio designers incredibly talented and responsive to inside members, their products go through rigorous quality control testing to ensure that the products you receive each month are ready to be turned into beautiful layouts and art for printing. There are absolutely no strays or jaggies in their products (I would know, since I've seen all of them).
Their monthly product line is full of digital goodies you won’t want to miss out on. All of the Owl Tree Studio products are ONLY available through Owl Tree Studio and are only available for a one month period of time. If you see a kit you like, you’ll have to be a member of Owl Tree Studio during the month it is featured to add it to your stash.
What are you waiting for?  
Hope to see you there....~Melanie

Goodbye Pacific NW....Hello NE OK!!

Goodbye Pacific NW....Hello NE OK!!

Goodbye Pacific NW....Hello NE OK!

Will post an update as soon as we are up and running again!
Please,  keep us in your thoughts and prayers while we travel.