One Little Word 2010 | Believe

Good evening,
I "Believe" God FOR Great Things in 2010!

In about 10 minutes it will no longer be New Years Day.  I celebrated last night and was up with my husband and darling children later than expected playing games and having a blast!  I haven't felt so exhausted in all of 2009.  Well, that I can honestly recall.

I was up early this morning filled with eagerness as I grabbed my bible and ran downstairs, ready to start my New Year off perfectly with a quiet still spirit and a cup of dark roasted, foam-topped coffee!  I have so waited for this glorious 2010 morning to come! I wanted to share my carefully planned and well thought out 'word' for today. 

Let me tell ya something, that vision I so just planted in your head of me 'perfectly planning my new years day'. Suddenly disappeared the moment I fired up my computer!  Don't read me wrong, I still have my perfectly planned out notes.  Just maybe not the notes the good Lord intended me to use on a day like today.
It was like he walked up behind me and 'powered down' my computer in my poor little brain.  I was completely captivated and thrown into a completely different direction of study instantly....JUST LIKE THAT!  In a mere instant I was lost in a trance of overwhelming contentment, compassion and confidence.

I'm gonna leave you hanging with those three words.  Which will come up later.

I continued on with my day, cooking black-eyed peas, ham, taters and corn bread.  My darling in-laws came over and enjoyed a good - luck bringing dinner with us!  (If you are from anywhere down south you understand what I'm saying here.) 

No matter what I did today,  I was listening to the Lords still, quiet voice and I jotted notes down.  I had an all day conversation with the One and Only! Busting my Spirit Wide Open! Now I can say I have experienced a Perfect Day! Amen? 

I am gonna attempt to lead you in a New Year Mini Study through the following seven 2010 resolutions.

I would be thrilled for you to join me on this journey.  It is my prayer that this study will reveal 'A Fresh Approach' in 2010!

Watch for the first post.  ~Melanie

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  1. And 2010 was the year that truly changed by life! I can't say that the way I experienced my calling will be the same for you..... But this I will never forget it. SAVE THE DATE and relish in heavenly powers being unleashed in your lives! I am so looking forward in sharing more exciting journey with you. 2011 brings Restorations! Watch for more under the Restoration tab at the top of my blog....