Covenant | Kay Arthur | Group Discussion Questions

Week 1:
What did you learn about the Lord in relation to man in general?
What assurance do we have that God will never destroy the earth by flood?
In regards to the Israelities not keeping the covenant in Ex 2 and 6.
Do you think people today are distressed or discouraged for any of the same reasons?
What did the people say about the words of the Lord' the book of the covenant?

Week 2:
How does the covenant between Jonathan and David give us a picture of what happens when we enter into covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ?
How should being in covenant with Jesus affect your life?
Who was David's enemy?
What did Jonathan do that showed he understood the seriousness of the covenant?
What does your robe look like?
Are you making provision for the flesh. When we enter into covenant with Christ. What is the exchange?
What difference is this exchange making in your life today?
What is your protection when you are clothed in Christ?
How does John 17:15-17 relate to the sword of the spirit?
What is the sword of the spirit according to Eph 6:17?

Week 3:
What does Mizpah mean?
What did you learn about the Lord's Supper and its relationship to covenant?
How does Gen 31:43-55 help you understand Mizpah?
Who is the judge over the covenants?
What was your condition when you came to know the Lord?
What does eat My flesh and drink My blood mean?
What does the Lords Supper (communion) symbolize?
What should we do before taking it?
How has all you are learning changed your thinking in relation to God, to your life?
Are you more secure in His love now that you understand more about what God has done for you when He cut covenant in His Sons flesh?

Week 4:
How does Jesus' flesh relate to the veil that was torn in two in the temple?
What did you learn about walking between the peices of flesh into the walk of death?
What does it mean to believe?
When Jesus died on the cross, the thick veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom. Who tore it? What does it mean to take up your cross and follow Jesus?

Week 5:
How does the oneness of marriage demonstrate the oneness of covenant?
What are blessings of being in covenant with Christ?
Why did they cover the altar with tears, weeping and groaning?
How serious is purity?
Do those in covenant with Christ have any responsiblity for other believers?
How is the name change as part of covenant a new understanding for you?
Do you hunger and thrist for peace, satisfaction with your life, contentment?

Week 6:
What did you learn about each covenant?
There are 4, Abrahamic, the Law, the Davidic, and the new covenant..and how to they interweave?

Week 7:
How is Jesus described in the verses of Heb 7:23 and 8:13. What did you learn about Him?
How is the new covenant a better covenant?
What word describes this covenant?
What did you learn from the word conscience?
What are dead works?
How important is blood?

Week 8:
What makes the new covenant so powerful?
Are you trying to live according to the law or the spirit?
What did you learn about the Holy Spirit in the New Testament passages?
(Study passages in Acts, Eph and Romans) What was Paul contrasting in 2 Cor 3?
What is the purpose of the Law, according to Gal 3?
What does the new covenant promise about the Holy Spirit?
How do you keep the flesh in check, under control?
How is the entire law fulfilled?
What would walking by the Spirit look like?
What do you understand to be the fruit of the Spirit according to Gal 5:22-23?

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