Week Six Homework | Covenant 6-1 and 6-2 | Kay Arthur

The Abrahamic Covenant

Gen 12:2 we read that God is going to make Abraham a great nation, He will bless him, He will make his name great and he will be a blessing.

Gen 13:14-18 we read about the land and how it was given to Abraham and his decendants.

But then in Gen 15 Abraham wonders what God means by his decendants since he had no heir. God promises a son in vs.4. Then God proceeds to tell him that his decendants will be enslaved for 400 years. Ok, let's keep going through this....Gen 17:7 God says He will establish a covenant between Him and Abraham and his decendants after him for all generations. vs.18-19 Abraham asked God if Ishmael might live before God, be his heir. God responded No, Issac would be his heir and Issac's mother will be Sarah. Continue to read vs.20 God said He has heard Abrahams cry for Ishmael and He will be a great nation. However Ishmael is not included in the covenant.

Move into Gen 21 and absorb how the rest of the story unfolds.

Now look at Gen 26..It's in your homework, We are now discussing Issac. Whom God made the same covenant with. Issac and Rebekah twin sons...Jacob and Esau. Let's jump to Gen 35 vs.10 Jacob's name is changed to Israel. Move to Gen 49 and we find vs.8-12 in Judahs blessing, refers to a prophecy about the Messiah. The tribe He will come from is Judah.

Much review to it and that was a lot of jumping through the scriptures..I do realize that. A lot to consume. Now just rest in the Lord for a moment. My youngest just told me...I'm thinking in my head so I'm not saying nothing. I said O really who taught you how to do that? He said "God". :) ~Melanie

The Covenant fo the Law
Let's get going in Ex 20.

What was happening at Mt Sinai and what was the peoples reaction?

They saw thunder, lightning, heard a trumpet and saw the mountain in smoke they trembled with fear. They thought if God spoke to them they would die. Moses approached the darkness where God was.

In Ex 23 we read that God's instruction regarding the people of the land was to drive them out or they will cause you to sin against me. How can we modern day speaking apply this to our lives? One thing pops right in my head, boundaries, watch relationships.

In Ex 24 there are many references to covenant and words. These all tie together, Words of the Lord, All these Words, All that the Lord has spoken. Words=Covenant with His people. Girls, God keeps His words (promises). They are forever. Every Word out of His mouth will last forever, everlasting, power in words.

Galatians 3...
Covenant-Abrahams covenant was only a mans covenant but will lead to Christ.
Christ- Abrahams seed, decendant would lead to Christ.
Law- The law was given so the people would know how to live and to be holy to show Gods people to the world.
God's plan is perfectly laid out throughout scripture.

What does this tell us about God? The people called out to the Lord because of their slavery and He remembered His covenant. It was time for Him to raise up a leader that would lead them out of bondage. Hence: The burning bush, God appears to Moses.

Both of these days of homework were jammed packed with review! Girls don't be overwhelmed, you will be enlighted by what we find out the next three days...this is only day two. Just hang tight it will all tie in beautifully! I'm so excited. God's Word is Awesome! ~Melanie

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