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Experiencing God's Peace!

The fruit of the Spirit is...PEACE.

1. Peace has nothing to do with our circumstances, and everything to do with knowing we have a right relationship with God. 
2. Peace has nothing to do with challenges or crises, and everything to do with knowing that our times are in God's hands.
3. Peace has nothing to do with the conditions of our life, and everything to do with knowing that God is all-sufficient
4. Peace is an inward repose and serenity of soul that indicates a heart at rest..regardless of circumstances..we place complete confidence in God minute by minute.

Comes with knowing that our heavenly Father is continually with us!! 
Psalm 139:7-12 
2 Cor 12:9 
Phil 4:19 2 
Cor 9:8

We make the sacrifice of trust and experience God's peace.
When we choose not to panic, but to rest in God's presence. 
When we release our fear and trust in God's wisdom and ways.
When we reject our nervousness and remember that God is in control. 
When we ignore our dread and instead accept God's dealings. 
Isaiah 9:6.....Prince of Peace!!! 
Isaiah 26:3....Perfect Peace!!! 
Psalm 119:165...Nothing causes us to stumble. 
John 14:26....Helper, Teacher and Comforter. 
Walking on the Path of Peace Pray! Pause! Pursue!

Let's right these verses down, carry them with us, memorize them and never forget that He is always with us!

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  1. Hallelujah! I've been struggling with the concept of peace recently, until i really searched myself and wondered what the problem could be BECAUSE HE PROMISED! I was certain there was/is something that i was not getting or understanding, and the scriptures are just what i required to make me understand the TRUTH! I desire peace for all my fellow brothers and sisters in the faith, hthat it may manifest richly and give them great rewards.