Week One Homework | Covenant 1-3 and 1-4 | Kay Arthur

Covenant Love 1-3

Genesis 15

Don't miss vs. 17....A smoking oven and blazing torch appeared and passed between the pieces. On that day God stated the covenant between them.

Everything God does is based on covenant. Meditate on Gen 15 once again and jot down anything that stands out to you.

As Sure as God Himself 1-4
After you read and list what you learned from Gen 17.

Move on and look up the next scriptures that cover covenant, treaty or oath and complete your chart on pg. 36 with your discoveries. If there is a part of the chart you don't understand, I'll discuss it at the end of the week. For now here are the scriptures and between whom the covenant is being made.

Abraham and Abimelech

Isaac and Abimelech

Jacob and Laban

Understanding the beginning covenants is key to understanding the entire concept of what it means to be in covenant with the Lord. And this is only day 4 and we have covered so much ground already. Girls, day 5 is a bit longer, so plan some extra time ahead. Hang tight we are in for an eye opening truth in covenant. ~Melanie

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