LPL Simulcast 2009

It's Monday and I'm still feeling aftershocks from this weekend!
What an amazing weekend!
 I was thrilled to attend LPL at my home church CTK! The title of this post says it all. There are so many things I would like to share about this event, I haven't a clue where to start, so I'm just gonna start. Good thing I had just purchased a new journal for September! LOL The following is simply copied off my handwrittten notes at the event!

Friday Night
Psalm 37:1-9
1. Nothing dictates our lives like our desires.
-Desires must be put before God.
-Untended to desire becomes a desire that isn't under the protection of our God. Find the desire(s)
vs. 4. Reject the enemy from stealing your desires. Psalm 38:9 A True Heart's Desire is a sustained longing that is unaffected by mood. It doesn't go away.

2. Beneath the desires of our hearts is the heart of our desires.
Something is up if the desire of our hearts haven't been full filled

God will trump our desires if Glory or Destiny are at stake. 
Wait and Pray. 
Strategic planning is God's perfect way.
A desire is something you lack.

3. Delighting in God adapts our desires into inevitability's.
It's inevitable!
Psalm 37:23-24 
You were created so you can delight in God and He can delight in me. 
Delight always has a dimension of wonder. 
Believe in 'event moments' throughout your life.

4. Nothing external can still my right to delight. vs.4 Trapping your Delight Noone gets to steal your delight! Delight=Joy outta control! 
Write down all the desires of your heart.
vs.1 Envious = Jealousy..A form of desire, of those that do well, have what you want.
A= vs.8 Anger.. Let anger go..if your angry there is something driving it, find it and get rid of it.
W= vs.8 Do not Fret = Worry..God better be controlling our situations..
How can you state the desires of your heart when your worried?
Look at your JAW! 

What are you gnawing on?

5. To make room for delight we gotta commit!
JAW= Jealousy, Anger, Worry ... Roll it all up!

Romans 10:8-9 Micah 7:8, 18
The Lord delights to show me mercy! 

Block the bird of prey that may snatch the seed that has been planted. 
The Lord will deal with it, roll it all up to him. 
Find the true person you are underneath it all! 
Make up your mind! 
How do you want your life to turn out? 
Is your journey heading in that direction? 
Get on the road that takes you there!

6. Nothing is passive about patiently waiting for desire to turn into delight
Just about ready to give up? 

Don't you give up! Don't you give up! 
This is when the break thru comes! 
Begin to act on the self underneath our desires. 
Watching loved ones in bondage? 
Never allow the enemy to still your hope! 
God is at work constantly! 
Let HIM bring some EARTHQUAKES to someones life!
Psalm 37:7 compared to Psalm 46:10
Be still in Ps 46:10 means to STOP. 

Just stop and wait. 
The Lord already knows what we want. 
So shutup and listen. 
Hush long enough to really hear and know. 
Allow God to bless your words before you speak them. 
Turn the anxiety of waiting into praise.
Proverbs 25:27 The Message Bible stuff sweets.....glory piled on glory...........NEITHER are good for you. 
The best way to choose is through humility!

7. Till faith becomes sight TRUST God and Do GOOD!
Faith will become sight and when it does we'll know. 
Never give up! vs.3 Hope in the Lord!
Do good! 
It says do good not right.Romans 12:21 
Overcome evil with good! 
Do A LOT of good! 
Don't Just be Right, DO SOME GOOD! 
Dwell in the land that God has given you. 
That is your safe pasture, feed off of his faithfulness. vs. 13 
The Lord will deal with the evil on this earth. Psalm 36:8 

A river of delight! 

Blessings, ~Melanie