Winter Games 2014 | Freebie

Hello you guys!
Sorry I have been so quiet.
I am certain things around here will slow down enough for me to share what in the world I have been up to lately.
I can't wait.

But for now.

Raeleen and I had a brief moment at the computer this afternoon to create another freebie.
Winter Games.
Click on image above for link.
I add Raeleen because I have been teaching her photoshop (part of her school time).
So what better way to learn than to create something that will reap rewards.

She helped me create the February Love cards and has been overwhelmed with the response.
As of today that particular download has had 962 downloads! Woot!
And it keeps going strong.
Just in case your wondering,  it is still available on my facebook page.
But it won't be there for long.
Download it while you can.
We are already doodling ideas for St. Pattys day.

Just a note:
While I may have created the "people" in this Winter Games digital scrapbook download, my inspiration credit goes to the mastermind behind the Sochi 2014 Brand.
Melanie Britt is not affiliated in any way with the Olympic brand.
Thank you.

Due to popular demand I have made this download available here on the blog.
I have updated the link. When you click on the image above the download will
start immediately.

As of today, this 'freebie' has been downloaded 679 times!!
WOWZA!  I am truly grateful for the 'likes', 'shares', 'pins and 'links' around the web for this download.
So, I am leaving it available here on the blog a little longer.
I am seeing my 'freebies' in galleries, instagram, and around the web more often. 
Which, is quite exciting and I don't what to miss a single one.  Please use the hashtag #melaniebritt so I can see. 
And,  could I ask you to,  please,  leave me a comment letting me know where you found me. 
Thank you.

Sorry, download no longer available, and has been downloaded 798 times.
Make sure you don't miss another one by liking my facebook page.


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