St. Patricks Day | Freebie

It's March tomorrow ya'll.
I have so many plans for this blog of mine.
Finding the time is what I am struggling with a bit.
My world seems to spin faster and faster every day.
Designing is my passion and keeps me sane.
With that said,
I was able to create a little something just in time for March.
Enjoy these new cards for St. Patricks Day.
Download them FREE for a limited time on my facebook page.

Thank you! Your kind comments make my day.


  1. The gold shamrocks are beautiful! Thanks.

  2. Melanie, these cards are very cool! I love them. I recently joined project life digital scrapbookers family and I'm loving it. Thank you for sharing with us your freebie. I wanted to let you know that today I published St. Patrick's Day round up post on my blog where I linked to your freebie. I'm looking forward to see more from you. Thank you again.



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